333_40278915201_3986_nI just held the final meeting with Alexis and her mom to nail down the final touches of her Sweet 16! She has some really great ideas that are going to make her party fantastic!  Here are some tips and tricks so you can plan your own incredible Sweet 16!

1. Make the RSVP process as simple as possible When you’re dealing with 16-year olds, it’s tough to get a straight yes or no answer out of them for just about anything, so making RSVPing a no-brainer is a must! I suggest sending an RSVP card in the mail along with the invitation. A great way to do this is to find an invitation printer who can create an invite with an RSVP card attached to the bottom that has pre-paid postage. That way, the teens just have to tear off the perforated card, fill out their name, number of guests, and attending/not attending, and send it off in the mail! This will cut down on the number of people you have to chase for a response and make the rest of the planning much easier!

2. Get a smash cake for the cake cutting Depending on how many guests will be attending the party, your cake might be fairly large with several tiers. If the birthday boy or girl wants to do a cake cutting, it’s a good idea to also get a small smash cake to go along with the larger one. This will make the cake cutting much cleaner and easier, especially if the primary cake is covered in fondant. Fondant is a type of frosting that is used to cover cakes smoothly; it is much harder than traditional frosting and can make it difficult to cut. For the same reason, a smash cake with regular icing is a good idea if the birthday boy or girl wants to blow out birthday candles- they will not be able to be inserted into a fondant cake the same way they do with buttercream frosting.

3. Play games before dancing Sometimes your guests will want to start dancing immediately, but sometimes they are shy and more hesitant to get the party started. If your party is looking like the latter situation, try playing games before opening up the dance floor. This is a great way to get everyone on the dance floor and having fun! Once the ice has been broken, games can easily be transitioned into dancing so you can party the rest of the night!

4. Play trivia to call up tables to the buffet If you are having a buffet-style dinner, it can get pretty boring just calling up table numbers to get their food. So, try a more personalized touch to the traditional method by playing trivia with your guests! Have your MC ask a trivia question that has to do with the birthday girl or boy- How many siblings does he have? What is her favorite subject in school? What is his favorite color? etc. The first person to raise their hand and answer correctly will get to go to the buffet line with their table!

5. Give away the centerpieces Most likely, you won’t want to take 10 balloon centerpieces home with you at the end of the night. Instead, do a centerpiece give-away so one person per table wins the centerpiece! There are several ways of doing this, so just ask your DJ/MC what ideas he or she has! With these simple tips, you’re on your way to creating an awesome Sweet 16 that your guests will be raving about!