So before I start here I did steal this blog, I thought it was so well written, and agree with ALMOST everything PAULINE MILLARD had to say!……   Before you have your first dance with your beloved and party with your besties, before the open bar is abused and mistakes are made among your friends, you have a window of time. How to fill it best? Like everything else involved with a wedding: you need a plan. We have eight things to do during this time that are practical and will you serve you well for the rest of the day. Once you decide what you want to do between the reception and ceremony, be sure you and your planner (NIKOS’ NOTE: make sure your DJ/ Event director also knows what is going on) are on the same page so it is scheduled in to the wedding timelines. She can direct guests to the tent or cocktail hour and away from you and your husband, so you have the alone time, time to freshen up, etc. 1. Take 10 minutes to be alone as a couple: These are your first minutes as a married couple! Feel free to make out or just stare in to each others eyes. It’s a good time to read him a pre-written letter. Whatever you do, make sure you are sitting down because you are going to spend a lot of time standing up the rest of the day. In the Jewish tradition, it’s common that immediately after the ceremony and just before the wedding reception that the new couple share a few minutes alone. It’s called Yichud, literally meaning, “to becoming one.” It’s a sweet tradition you can adopt as well. 2. Eat!: This is an order, not a suggestion. Now that the dress is on, you totally can! Ask your planner to bring you a plate of the hors d’oeuvres, because chances are you won’t have time to hunt down a waiter while you are greeting guests. You probably didn’t eat much before the ceremony, so before you pass out, chow down. 3. Touch up your hair and makeup. This is very important, especially since more photos are about to be taken of you then ever before in your life, prom night being a close second. Either arrange for your hair stylist to touch you up, or have your Maid of Honor carry a comb, travel sized hair spray and bobby pins in her clutch. Tell her it’s a traditional Maid of Honor duty. If you need hair ideas, we have a few. Also: blot your T-Zone with oil-absorbing sheets and reapply lipstick and lip liner. 4. Take photos while your hair still looks good: And before your dress is crumpled, your veil is off, etc. Sneak off with the photographer for a few minutes and take some couple photos while you both look your best and the lighting is good. 5. Thank your parents and in laws. Take a moment to thank them for all their support before you all get separated entertaining your guests at the reception. It’s an emotional day for them, too. (NIKOS’ NOTE: The best time to do this is right after your first dance, while you have everyones attention) 6. Switch shoes: You’re going to be dancing soon and pretty much on your feet until your send-off. Put on flats or kitten heels or even crochet TOMS so you can enjoy your party in comfort. Even Kate Middleton wore flats at her wedding. You can call them slippers, too. (NIKOS’ NOTE: Probably the best thing you can do before your reception) 7. Have a receiving line: It’s an easy way to greet guests. Just make sure you don’t have any lipstick on your teeth. If you’re at the cocktail hour, make a point to mingle with people who came a long way or you haven’t seen in a while. It makes a huge impression. (NIKOS’ NOTE: Depending on the size of your wedding a receiving line may not be a good idea, but you can ask me for advice on that!) 8. Have some of your signature cocktail: You spent so much time planning, you should be able to appreciate all the small details before they are all gone. This is definitely a detail to set up before you walk down the aisle. Maybe it can be waiting for you when you walk out of the ceremony and before you start you receiving line. Consider it your first celebratory drink.(NIKOS’ NOTE: Have your drinks and h’orderves    I have a few more suggestions that I will give you when your ready to set up a time to meet up and discuss your wedding reception! Call me today at 508-369-4591