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Why are wedding DJ’s so expensive?

It's all in the planning and the details. Your wedding isn't a club night; it is a personalized reflection of you and your fiance- and that takes time. I can't speak for all DJs, but I know for a fact that I can spend 20-60 hours on a wedding before I even show up...

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How much does your DJ cost?

I recently went to a Guitar Center and saw a sign that said $500 to rent mediocre DJ equipment. Now add the cost of loading it into a rented van, loading it into a venue, setting it up so it looks presentable, knowing how to use the equipment, tearing it down, loading...

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Why Wedding Blogs Suck

I know what you're thinking- Isn't this a wedding blog? Yes. It is, technically. But I'm referring to the larger blogs that post photo sets of extremely detailed, unique weddings. You know, the vintage, out in the middle of nowhere, pixie-looking bride, weddings- the...

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