Today I’m sitting here looking out the window and watching Hurricane Sandy tear my yard apart so I thought would be an appropriate day to talk about selecting your wedding venue. Selecting the right venue for your wedding is one of the most important decisions that goes into planning your wedding (or any event, for that matter).


First, you need to think about what exactly you want from your venue. Depending on how many people you are planning to invite you must look for a venue that can accommodate that amount. You need to also keep in mind that if you prefer a large room and you only invite a limited number of guests, it can look and feel awkward, and may effect whether or not your friends and family want to dance. Also, if you pick a small venue and try to cram in too many people, it can make the room very hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable.

The next thing you want to think about is how the place looks, and how you plan on enhancing the decor. If you like the architecture of a room/building there are many ways to enhance it with lighting and other decorations. Sometimes a plain venue with very limited artwork or architectural features might look lackluster at first, but can be transformed into the reception venue of your dreams with just a bit of imagination.

I would also like to warn you about “the tent” wedding. What most people don’t know is that having a wedding in a tent can be just as, if not more, expensive than holding it at an established venue. What you don’t see are the costs for lighting, the tent walls, the tables, chairs, silverware, cups, glasses, plates, dance floor, AC in the summer and a heater in the winter, and don’t forget about the generator to run everything, not to mention, having a station for your caterer in plain view is not very aesthetically pleasing at a wedding. You also need to consider the weather; if there is a snow storm, a hurricane, or if it’s above 75 degrees or colder than 40, being in a tent can be very uncomfortable and extremely costly.

If having your wedding in a tent is a priority for you, please consider a back up plan, and make sure it’s one that you will be able to actually use the day of your wedding. Moving 200 people from a tent to a house will be next to impossible and could ruin your wedding. Having a venue reserved and ready for your wedding in case you have to go inside may be your best bet, but also a very costly one.

Although I tailor most of my blog posts to weddings, my advice is meant to be used for all events, including bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s, and family events, such as Christening that my good friend Kathy from Chryssie’s Bridal in Canton, MA, is currently planning! (If you live in or around the Canton area, I highly recommend Chryssie’s for your, or your fiance’s, wedding dress!) Also, some of my favorite venues include The Shaw’s Center in Brockton, Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy, The Cruiseport in Gloucester, The Fairmont Copley in Boston, Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, Lakeview Pavilion, The Villa in East Bridgwater MA,Showcase Live, and CBS Scene all three which are in Foxboro.