So talking about the way your DJ looks really made me want to write this blog about how your DJ set-up could, and should, look like (along with pictures below of how they shouldn’t look!)

There are many points of view on this, and since it’s your wedding, you should ultimately have the final say. Set-ups range from a very simple set up with just two speakers and  a table, to concert type set-ups with large speakers, staging, and facades.

The problem is, there are many unprofessional companies out there that are ruining the image of what a clean basic set-up should be, and some are even ruining the large scale set-ups as well. The pictures above are from my own events; these set-ups are available through me.

The set-ups below are from amateur DJs or companies who really don’t care about how they appear at your wedding.

How do you avoid these unprofessionals?

Again, like I mentioned in the last post, ask to see pictures or videos of them performing and keep an eye out for their equipment arrangement.

Ask them what color extension wires they use. If they use orange, don’t expect too much out of them. The least they should do is bring BLACK extension wires.

Ask them if they would be willing to build your set-up. What does this mean? Some of my clients have layouts in their head that they have dreamt up , and I work with them to make the image in their dreams become a reality at their wedding.

And again make sure you meet with all your vendors!

Tomorrow we are going to talk about preferred vendors.

Here are some pictures of some horrible DJ set-ups I found on the internet, please beware, none of these are acceptable at anyones event, especially YOUR wedding!