I always get the same question all the time, “how do I know what music my guests want to hear?”. The answer….JUST ASK! There are a couple ways to go about getting music requests from your guests.

If you are working with me you will have an online request sheet, where we will split your music selections into four categories, “Must Play”, “Play if possible”, and a “Do not playlist”, and a guest request list.

Most couples have a wedding page based through either “the knot” or “wedding wire”, what I would do is create a custom link that you can place on your wedding website where guests can go to request music directly. I set it up so that they must type there name in order to request music, this way you can see who has requested music, and to see if what they chose is appropriate and your style of music.

Now the “old school” way is to leave a spot on your wedding RSVP for your guests to write in their request. I’ll be honest though, most people have liked the link better than writing in just one song, because they are allowed to request more music, and see what music I have in my library.

RSVP Music Request!