The way a DJ should look! The Best Boston Dj Nikos Rakis (left) of Rakis Productions with his clients Bride and Groom Carol and David

Yesterday, I had scheduled maintenance on my car, and then I went for some authentic Greek food. I ate at a little place in Norwood, MA, called the Feisty Greek. My friend George, along with his brother and their wives, own it. Not only are they one of the few authentic Greek restaurants  in Massachusetts, but they have the BEST gyro you can get! So, today I really wanted to talk about how your entertainer should present him or herself at your event. All around, your entertainer should not only be a great performer, but also look professional. Lets talk clothing. I have seen and heard of DJs showing up to weddings in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt…WHAT?!  It’s your wedding, it’s a formal event, you’ve spent a lot of money and countless hours making sure it’s perfect, and your DJ entertainer disrespects you and all of your guests by showing up looking like he just rolled out of bed? Not on my watch. An entertainer should always come dressed appropriately; whats appropriate? For male entertainers, the bare minimum should be a two piece suit, and female entertainers should be wearing nice dress pants and a nice blouse. I personally always perform in a 3 piece suit or  tuxedo, and I like to let my clients decide what they would like to see me in. I take my job as your Master of Ceremonies seriously, and feel like I should not only play the part, but look it as well. So how do you avoid hiring someone like the DJs pictured below? First…. Ask them how they dress at all events, not just weddings…if they go to any event in a pair of jeans and a t shirt, that raises some red flags. Have them show pictures or video of them at a wedding and take note on what they looked like. If they show up for the consultation (you did schedule a consultation to meet ALL your vendors right?) looking like they just woke up….you might want to question how they will look at your wedding. If he or she is a friend of a friend and DJs for fun….you might have something to worry about. Aside from clothing, your entertainer should be clean shaven (or at least have any facial hair neatly trimmed). And make sure that suit he is wearing is not accompanied by cruddy sneakers! So please take the time to make sure whomever you hire for your wedding entertainment is professional and actually cares about you and your fiancé!   I will leave it at that. Here are some crazy pictures from DJs who show up not dressed appropriately. (Try to ignore the heinous setups. That’s a post for another night!) What not to hire: