Congratulations! It finally happened- you’re engaged! You’re probably in a state of shock, awe, and euphoria all mixed together, as you should be! Now, how do you go about sharing this amazing news?

You need to choose the right moment to break the news so that no-one feels left out or offended by being “the last one to hear.”

Be Sensitive

You may have siblings who haven’t found “the one” as quickly as you have. It will be important to share your happy news gently and with sensitivity because of this. It may be that your parents are going through a divorce and the thought of them standing alongside each other fills them both with horror. If this is the case, you should think very carefully and sensitively about how to incorporate them both within your wedding arrangements. Should they be placed together or at opposite ends of the top table? There can be difficult decisions to make and should be discussed in advance to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

Other Tips:

Speak to your parents and prospective parents-in-law individually to give them the good news.
Bring together members of both families as soon as possible to help them to get to know one another. This is really important as you will all need to work in harmony in order to make your wedding a success.
Be sensitive to other people’s feelings. This may be a very happy time for you but possibly a little sad for others who are not so fortunate in their own personal circumstances.