Hey everyone!

I’ll start off with a “what a great boyfriend” post ­čÖé So last night, I was with my girlfriend, Danielle. She is not feeling well at all so I took her to dinner at a place called “The Kinsale” in Boston. It’s an Irish pub with great food, and beer (I don’t drink but i hear they have a great selection of beer) and best of all FREE PARKING which is unheard of in Boston!! I brought her there because I know the chicken pot pie is her favorite, and I know when I am sick, it’s the little things that can make you feel better (after going to CVS to buy her some medicine). ┬áBut of course, as luck would have it, they don’t have pot pie in the summer! ┬á­čÖü So she went for her second favorite…Fish n’ Chips, and I had a delicious Black and Bleu Burger! (I would definitely recommend stopping at the Kinsale if you’re ever in the downtown area. It’s right across from the Government Center T stop near Faneuil Hall.)

And now back to UPLIGHTING!

Uplighting is such a fantastic way to bring your wedding color scheme to life! It can transform the most simple venue into a beautiful and elegant one! When my clients choose uplighting for their wedding, I implement my experience in lighting design to ensure that the lightscaping exceeds their expectations.

All of the uplighting my company uses is state of the art wireless LED lighting. What does this mean? This means no ugly wires being taped down around the room ruining your pictures, or becoming a tripping hazard. This also means no hot lights; most “traditional” uplights are made with high powered┬áincandescent lights which are not only limited to certain colors, but run extremely hot. If you have ANY kids attending your wedding, PLEASE ┬áDO NOT use these lights at your wedding!(most DJ’s and Venues who “throw” them into their packages use these lights, so make sure you know what you’re getting before you accept such a “great deal.”)┬áI recently had a conversation with a local venue manager about his uplighting he offers his clients. His exact words were, “We use 15 lights. They cost us $27 each and we tell all of our clients they are getting a $1000 upgrade; It’s great!” Needless to say, I warned one of my couples about this manager, and showed them the difference between what they are using and what my company uses. They upgraded their package, and decided to use uplighting from my company.

Another cool feature with LED lighting is that they can color mix at the touch of a button making them able to get the EXACT shade of the color you want!

With the right lighting designer, you can make your flowers, linens, and the rest of the wedding decor really stand out at your wedding!

So here are a few tips when you are looking for a company to provide uplighting…

How much experience do they have in lighting?

Are they using incandescent or LED lighting?

Will they do a site survey to make sure that your venue will look great with the color you chose?

Will they bring a lighting fixture to a meeting to make sure you agree on a shade of color?

Are they charging per light, or offering one price for the whole room in order to do the job right?

(This is a big issue I have with most companies, they will charge $X per light, so in order to save money, maybe you choose to have 5 lights at your wedding….well, 5 lights just might not cut it, and end up making the lighting look incomplete or unprofessional. I charge to do the job right, so whether it take 5 lights, or 45 lights, it will be done right!)

Check out my facebook page to see some examples of uplighting, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime at 508-369-4591.

Take care!

Nikos Rakis

Rakis Productions