What do you picture when you think of food served at a wedding? Chicken, seafood, or vegetarian ring a bell? If you’re lucky, filet mignon? How about the appetizers? Fruit? Cheese? Crackers? My favorite- scallops wrapped in bacon? If the word “boring” pops into your head as you read your venue’s menu, here’s a few ways to spice up your guests’ dining experience and leave them with satisfied palettes!

1. Comfort Foods: You might think that this trend is just for a casual backyard wedding, but you’d be wrong! Lots of couples are dressing up fries, burgers, pizza, and other foods that have historically been labeled taboo to be served at a wedding. Presentation is key- consider using monogrammed boxes and bags that tie into your theme. If you and your fiancĂ© enjoy comfort foods more than over-the-top gourmet meals, why not serve them? It’s a simple way to personalize your reception and, honestly, who wouldn’t love to chow down on a delicious burger after all of the jitters of the ceremony and formalities?


2. Rustic Food: A huge trend right now is the DIY rustic wedding. The setting for these events is often a tent, a barn, or outside in the open (which I don’t recommend! That’s a blog post for another day). A great way to incorporate this theme is to have a family-style dinner. Rustic-themed weddings are quite often smaller, filled with close friends and family. Serving family-style is a great way for your guests to get to know each other better over great food. As for a favor, you could present your guests with a jar of homemade jam with your monogram or a thank you note on a tag or label!


3. Food Trucks: I can’t think of a more out-of-the-box, fun way to get your guests excited about a dessert or appetizer than a food truck! The range of foods you can find at a food truck is extreme- there are some that serve anything you can imagine- ice cream, finger foods, fried foods, and full meals! Have the truck pull right up to your venue and enjoy!



4. Brunch: Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? Offering brunch menu items is a unique way to feed your guests at a daytime wedding. You could have a pancake bar, an omelet station, or a crepe station, while offering bloody mary’s, mimosas, and juices. As with the comfort food suggestion, it’s all about presentation. It’s easy to take a pancake and make it beautiful with personalized touches and upscale presentation.


5. Late Night Snack: After all that dancing your guests will be doing, they will appreciate a late-night snack! Here’s some ideas: Heart-shaped ice cream sandwiches, candy bar, cookies and milk, popcorn, sundae bar, fortune cookies, smores, pretzels, push-up cake pops, Krispy Kreme donuts.



In the end, your wedding should be a reflection of you- right down to the food! Don’t worry about what is “proper” or conventional. Let your personalities shine through from start to finish on your wedding day- you (and your guests) will be happy you did!