When it comes to creating a timeline for your wedding their are a few things to keep on mind. Most of the time your wedding venue will go ahead and give you your timeline for your reception, and the only thing about that timeline is that it is used at ever single wedding reception at that venue. So personal, right? haha

Yeah, a professional DJ, who is looking to entertain your guests should help you create a timeline that will take care of the venues wants, but also help you compromise on timing of events to make sure that it is entertaining, and seamless for your guests. Creating a timeline that is entertaining will also make your wedding flow and seem natural, enhancing you and your guests experience and really be an unforgettable wedding.

The best thing to do is create an order of events, and let your entertainer worry about the timing of them. Not only will will this make sure everything you want to happen but it will let do what you need and want to do at your wedding; which is relax and enjoy your wedding day.

So basically don’t every worry about time being set in stone..it is your wedding, your day, your way.