So, you’ve spent all this time planning your wedding. Most likely, you did more planning with the entertainment than anyone else. So, who do you trust the day of your wedding to make sure everything goes off without a hitch? Most of you would probably say the entertainment, after all the time spent planning with him/her/them. Most of the time at venues, you will deal with a planner in the office, then on the day of your wedding, they give you  the  “Maitre d’” on staff that day. By definition:

maitre d’ – a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers

So why are they telling your entertainment what to do? The maitre d’ should be working with the entertainment, not dictating what they are doing. They should be on the same page, but if the timing is not right, the entertainer should be making the final decision. A truly professional wedding entertainer is trained, and attends workshops on how to direct your wedding. Knowing how to pace a wedding is key, and no two events have the same pace; no matter how much planning you do to have a set time schedule of the event, it only really comes down to the day-of and “rolling with it.” I have dealt with venues who adhere to a strict schedule at every single wedding, and dictate all of the entertainment to do the exact same thing every single time. I understand they have a system, and it works for them, but what  you need to know is that 99.9% of what they do is not in your best benefit, or your guests, but rather, theirs. Your wedding should feel natural, and not like a boot camp, having one activity after another after another. I establish a trustworthy relationship with my clients to make sure that they have the most fun they possibly can, and are relaxed and assured everything will go the way it was planned. I spend a lot of time with all of my clients, between meetings, phone calls, e-mails, and texts, so I become a trusted friend and not just a DJ. I do not hesitate to check in occasionally throughout the reception to keep my bride and groom in the loop of what is happening next, and to be sure that everything is happening at the time and pace that they desire. My job is to make sure your once in a lifetime celebration is nothing but the best it can be, and I make it my duty to follow through with the entire planning/scheduling process as possible; that way, you don’t feel stressed out if your father had to dash to the bathroom just before the father/daughter dance, or you spent a little extra time saying hello to your guests before cutting the cake. Remember: your wedding day will only happen once. If you spend it being anxious about executing perfect timing, you will only be taking away from the joy and natural flow of the celebration, which will leave your mind whirling for all the wrong reasons. Hire a professional for your entertainment, and leave your worries at door! If you are looking for wedding entertainment, and would like to meet up, please feel free to call me anytime at 508-369-4591 or email me at!   -Nikos Rakis Rakis Productions