Preferred vendors….just hearing that makes me cringe.

Believe me, you will never see me on any venue’s preferred list, and I will tell you why.

Every time you go to a venue, you will sit down with their sales person and go over all the details. Most of the time, half way through their sales pitch they will hand you a little folder or booklet and will begin to tell you that the vendors in that booklet are great!


So whats wrong with this picture?

See, what they don’t tell you is that every single person in that booklet is paying to be in it. So, this is the problem. The venue themselves may not even like these vendors, they may not be the greatest in the world, but they payed that monthly fee, so they have to pretend they are great.

Now regardless if they are good or bad…what really matters is, are they good for you? And how do you know? The venue is not caring about your wants and needs by giving you this, they are are only looking at their bottom line.

Some venues have even gone as far as charging you more if you don’t use their preferred list, ESPECIALLY with entertainment! Are you ¬†kidding me?!

I suggest you find another venue if they are making you pay more for your preferred vendor rather than theirs. It is YOUR day, not theirs. It’s your choice who you bring in on all aspects of your wedding.

Don’t cut corners by just agreeing to use the DJ that comes with the venue; ask to meet he or she. If they do meet with you, and you click…GREAT! ¬†If they say they can’t meet with you…there’s your red flag. Many of these DJs are on a rotating schedule, and you will only see them days before the wedding (sometimes the day of your wedding), and if your lucky maybe a few weeks before your wedding; also did i mention they MIGHT say your name correctly? Do you really want to find out who is going to be entertaining your wedding that late in the game? Do you want to give a complete stranger a microphone, and have him represent you at your wedding? I hope not. Get to know your entertainer, and he or she should want to get to know you two, as well!

Your DJ should be someone you have full contact with from the day you hire them. If you call or email them, they should get back to you in minutes, (obviously excuse them if they are working at another event) and should be able to answer all your questions, not just tell you about this week’s top 40 songs.

So how do you handle this situation if it arises?

Ask if they have preferred vendors.

Ask if you can meet with the entertainer(s).

If you don’t click with them, can you bring in other entertainers without a penalty?

If you already have an entertainer in mind, and do not want to hire their preferred entertainer how do they handle that?

Really though, the best way to handle it is to prevent it.

When you sit down and write down the list of venues that are your top pick, as you call to set up a consultation with them, one of your questions should be:

“Do you allow other vendors other than your preferred ones?”

If they say no, ask them why. They will probably give you a lecture about how they only use great vendors, and that it’s “quality control.” Then ask them the final question:

“Do your preferred vendors pay a fee to be preferred?”

Most likely they will stumble over this question, and when they do, just let them know you are going to consider other venues before theirs. Saying this will not only put the ball in your court, but will also have them rethinking their policies.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to call or email me anytime!

Also if you want to take advantage of my Wedding Planning services, I come with you to all of your meetings and work with you to ensure you get EXACTLY what your looking for out of all your vendors. I will make sure no stone goes unturned during the planning process, resulting in a very successful wedding, memorable, and perfect wedding!


-Nikos Rakis

Rakis Productions